Reports and articles

pdficon  Exploration and Development of the Hveravellir Geothermal Field, N-Iceland
Ludvik S. Georgsson, Kristjan Saemundsson, and Hreinn Hjartarson. 2005.
Proceedings World Geothermal Congress. Antalya, Turkey, 24-29 April 2005.

pdficon   Húsavík energy, Multiple use of geothermal energy
Hreinn Hjartarson, Runólfur Maack, Sigþór Jóhannesson. 2003.
International geothermal conference. Multiple intergrated uses of geothermal resorces. Reykjavík 14th to 17th september 2003.

pdficon  Multiple-use of geothermal energy in Húsavík
(PDF document / 343 KB)
Hreinn Hjartarson, 2002.
Nordvarme, Concil in Nyköping, Sverige on Juni 10-11, 2002.

pdficon  Notes from the North: a Report on the Debut Year of the 2 MW Kalina Cycle® Geothermal Power Plant in Húsavík, Iceland
(PDF document / 64 KB)
Henry Mlcak and Mark Mirolli, Hreinn Hjartarson, Bill Lewis. 2002.
Geothermal Resource Council conference in Reno, Nevada on September 22 - 25, 2002.
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pdficon  Electricity from Waste Heat - Distribution og Expertise
(PDF document / 268 KB)
Þórhallur Bjarnason, apríl 2002.

pdficon  Testing and Operating Experience of the 2 MW Kalina Cycle Geothermal Power Plant in Húsavík, Iceland
(PDF document / 11 KB)
Marshall Ralph, Henry Mlcek, Hreinn Hjartarson, Mark Mirolli.
European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) business seminar on March 8/9 2001 in Alteheim, Upper Austria.

pdficon  Húsavík geothermal power plant
(PDF document / 6 KB)
Henry Mlcak, 2000.
Geothermal Newsletter Article.

pdficon  Free Enterprise is the Condition for the Most Economical Power Plants
(PDF document / 20 KB)
Helgi Bjarnason, 1998.
Translation from Icelandic of an article printed in Morgunblaðið 15. november 1998.